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Friday, August 03, 2007

Mid-Ohio 2007

One never knows what they may stumble upon while at the AMA's Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio. While wandering around girl watching we staggered into the auction tent......WOW, the sweetest one we had seen all day was right there on a pedestal!!!! A Harley board track racer!
Standing there dumbfounded with drool running down our chins and minds wandering, dreaming of the days of board track racing...100 miles per hour....bicycle tires....no throttle, just lock the carb wide open and control your speed with a kill button made from an old hacksaw blade, tape and a piece of old innertube.....and the noise, nothing like the sound....oh, the flames from burning alcohol exiting the short exhaust pipes and melting the sole of your right boot.....never mind , back to girl watching, I think I could get hurt in this fantasy!


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