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Monday, May 14, 2007

Caution:Trial For Real Trials Riders Only.....

Tony G. was asking for help in locating his contact. Or, did he just tip over in that really flat turn in Marshfield?

This could be any ITSA member next week-end, as the ITSA lay-out crew has taped up a doozy for this Sunday! Why is this a caution trials? Well, we looked at our trials supplies and we realised that we had an over-abundance of YELLOW tape and thus we used it up. All over the place! Oh yeah, bring extra gas, because these sections have some meat to them.

It's also a caution trials because it's not a bike show-slash-parade, it's a trials. The name of the sport is trials not cleans, so plan on a couple of well placed dabs, and maybe some up-close and personal photo-ops. Nothing life threatening, but you're gonna' have to think and you gonna' have to ride to get through these sections.

On a lighter note, come to the seminar on Saturday and it'll probably make your life easier on Sunday. The Guru said something about stump-jumping........whatever that is. Mikey P. are you listening?

This is a view of Rick D. riding over a horizontal stump in Marshfield. Feel free to critique his style.....or lack thereof.


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