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So what's this all about? It's about trials and making your trials bike perfom better. This blog is to share ideas and expose trials riders to technical improvements for both modern, vintage and twinshock machinery.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

TLR Facelift

Well Hockeyboy wore the shine off the TLR200 we built years ago...
So we added some performance mods and a little color.....

In the first build we were trying to see if the real TLR200 was under all that crap Honda put on the little bike so you could ride it on the street...Black or White...it is or it isn't.
Well it was!

So...facelift and here what we came up with.....

Other than the color we lowered the footpegs and added modern peg mounts so we could use any modern peg. B&J flowed the heads and added a more aggressive B&J cam.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

DT2 Surprise!

Pleasantly surprised actually!
I have had this 1972 Yamaha DT2 for at least 15 years.
It has 1440 miles on it.
Survived a tornado that tossed a  huge hickory tree through the roof of the shed where it was resting. Had the honor of being the only bike damaged by said tree, having the taillight smashed by a way word limb.
I never seemed to find the time to try to start it...that's right, I never tried to start it....ever.
Well, I decided it was time. I pulled the plug and it had spark. Now this bike has points! I was amazed to see a spark not to mention it was a big blue one!
The carb was another story....totally varnished up! Yes the slide was stuck...had to pull it off cables and all. A trip to the carb dip tank freed things up. A couple of new o-rings and a bowl gasket and we are as good as new!
Took it outside and gave the starter a few...ok, ok., many healthy prods! POW! Darn thing kicked back!
Now, my son was here working on his Honda. He has been a little more protective of me since I passed 60 (I think he thinks I'm gettin' old). "Dad, Let me start that for ya."
Bang! Ouch! #$%#^&!  That hurt son? "Hell, Yes!....Let me try it again!" Kick,kick,kick, Pop!
Now, the boys shin is bleeding as he slipped off the starter.
I made an executive decision to roll it down the hill and jump start it. Fired right up. Smoked pretty good for 10 minutes or so, then started to clean out.
Took off on a short trail ride, staying close to home and where we were truck accessible. Did not need it as she ran fine.
Put my boy on it and he came back grinning carrying on about how good it ran and how much fun it was!
I have come to the conclusion that this would be a fun dual sport machine for around home and plan on setting it up for just that!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Famous James

I was going through a pile of old floppy discs the other day, (hockeyboy gave me an external drive) and found a picture of the James tank before I added the character dents.

Which Famous James is this you ask? Well, how about a replica of Mick Andrews  1966 factory trials James.

How did I come up with one of those? Mick and Jill would come spend a month or two with me every year. He and I would travel and teach trials schools around the country in order to pay for the motocross racing we were having fun doing.

The James was in the storage building. It was my dad's who had just lost his battle with cancer. Mick found it and was all excited, asked me where it came from. When I told him he offered to fix me up with a replica frame from his factory machine....it is serial number "2".

Is that cool or what?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New Project TY

Purchased a TY350 for a twin shock project. 
Hope to go pick it up this month, it's in Oklahoma.
It is destined to become the test bed for upgrades for the ole TY's, such as a carb kit!
Plans for footpeg repositioning are also in the works which may come as a weld on kit.
If there is enough interest I might offer the twin shock project modifications in a package kit.
This would make a simple way to enter ITSA's Modern Twinshock class on a competitive reliable machine!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ITSA trials at TTC

We are headed to TTC, Sequatchee, Tn, (july 14 and 15 for the first two rounds of the ITSA North American Championship Twinshock trials for 2012.
Hopefully PW wont drop a contact lens there like he did in Lenoir City.
check for details at: ITSA
Hope to see everyone there!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Toys!

Well maybe these should be considered projects......both run and pretty well I might add.
ITSA is setting the ground work for organized twinshock trail rides.

The bike of choice is a 1970 Yamaha DT1....My dad and I bought a new ones in 1970. in fact that is his gas tank on this machine. How much  better can it get?
Quite a bit actually! While out riding around the local country roads I came upon a 1972 Ford F100.....now doesn't that DT look sweet back there! I'll bet the James and TY250 will look as good!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New ITSA Champ!

Well it looks like ITSA's most dominant rider has finally landed a highly coveted illusive Mid-West Championship Jacket!
He probably deserved it!
Merry Christmas Son.