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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Organized Chaos

A dozen victims, er ah, students took part in the "Learn To Turn" seminar on the Saturday afternoon prior to the Vintage Acre Trial on Sunday. It seemed to go well, there was info on body position on the bike, how to walk a section, how to go about practicing so that you get the most out of your practice time, and general turning skills.
By the end of the afternoon he had guys making turns that in the morning they wouldn't even had attempted.
The seminar was so well attendedn and we had such a good time, that we are considering holding other sessions on the weekends hosting one-day ITSA trials. Maybe we'll do log crossings next time, that'll keep attendance low, huh Mikey?
If you'll look closely standing in the woods you can see the Guru, trying to avoid being taken out by an out of control student. Luckily they all paid attention and nobody made contact with the Guru, only a few trees.....


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