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Monday, November 20, 2006

Not All the Squirrels Are In the Trees....

So what are these squirrels doing...marking the acorn trees? In the background you can see the Trialsrooster preparing a small tree for some potential saplin' wrasslin' during the upcoming ITSA year end trials events.

The Captain is tying up that tree so it won't get away and Pee Wee is on garbage detail from a previous acorn hunt. The crew is really (No Really!) setting one of the forty sections to be used at the December 2nd and 3rd ITSA Trials.

The December ITSA Trials event is a 2-day affair with the season ender taking place on Saturday prior to the awards banquet that evening. On Sunday we will ride the first event of the 2007 ITSA season.

So the question is, are Pap and Menonite Mike just wore out or are they deep in contemplation about the deviousness and the treachery of the sections that they just helped the Guru and the rest of the crew design and lay out. You'll just have to come and ride with us and see!

The event flyer is here . If you're planning on attending the banquet please use the flyer and RSVP.....


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