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Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekend in Marion Ill.

Last weekend the crew took the trip to Marion Ill. for the AHRMA national trials. The trials shared the day and portions of the loop with AHRMA's cross country event. For some reason AHRMA feels the need to cram both of these events into the same day with trials always taking a back seat to the cross country.

Here you see the Guru's TY250 serviced and score card at the ready.....a couple of hours after the published start time.

The Mid-West boys did a fine job of using the terrain presenting the entrants with plenty of tight turns, banks and logs.

The trusty TY drug the Guru through the sections to wins both days. Skatetruck had a flat the first day but borrowed Menonite Mike's TY175 to finish First on Saturday. After a tire changing party Sunday morning Skatetrucks RL was back in action. He rode it to third due to an oversight of a mis-punched 5 which was really a clean.

The boys are practising for the cookout and liquid refreshment to be partaken after the event. Really they are having a snack before they ride...yes they had lunch...but, by the time the trials started they were feeling a mite peckish!


  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Pee Wee said…

    Yah! I dearly love sitting around waiting to ride a trials that starts a couple hours after it's supposed to.

    When you're a professional type trials rider like I am (HA) and you psyche yourself up by doing mental images of riding the sections then there's only a certain window of opportunity to take advantage of all those skills. I swear.....

    Anyway, we had a great time and missed all the B&J regulars that didn't make it.

  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger cpt. Dick said…

    A cool place for a trials.I didn't go because I don't think the riders should have to pay to get in. Why do the cross country guys get to ride when its cool and the trials guys ride when its a hundred and forty degrees. Because the Ahrma bourd members ride the cross country and not the trials. Your just f%#king around at 2mph how could that be work. If you don't know what trials is all about then you shoudn't put on an event. Trials can stand alone it doesn't need another class to run with it.

  • At 8:45 PM, Blogger Pap said…

    Man, I can't beleive I missed it. I just got my days mixed up, or I'd have been there. It was Monday before I got news that it had been scheduled for the previous weekend. Imagine how I feel now when I find out that I could have headed on up there on Monday and still not been too late!!! Good job to you guys that went and did so well.


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